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Cleaner Water for You and Your Family
Great Tasting, Odor Free Water for your Entire Home
Salt Free and Maintenance Free Soft Water
Continuous Supply of Superior Drinking Water
Bottle Free Hot and Cold Water For Home and Office

Providing Water Softener Products and Drinking Water Systems to The Greater Orange County Area

From San Clemente to Orange to Palos Verdes and every area in between, Rayne of Irvine has been providing water softener & drinking system solutions since 1955.

Our Veteran Factory Trained Technicians provide 24 hour emergency and radio dispatched service. We are here to serve your clean water needs.

With a Rayne Drinking Water System, you can enjoy the great taste of Rayne Water right at your kitchen sink. At Rayne of Irvine, our Water Softening Systems will treat hard water and save you money from the very moment you begin to use them. We also offer Water Coolers for Home or Office.

What Rayne Customers Think:

Super happy with the filter install. The installer did a great job and was easy to work with. I did a chlorine test before and after the filter and there is a big difference even when using my pool chlorine kit to measure. They checked out the system we bought from them over 10 years ago, still functioning perfectly. Recommended.

- Chris L.

All we needed was to start up our exchange service again. There was no high pressure sales that we encountered with other water companies….such a relief. Carlos Manriquez did a great job of hooking everything up. He also explained our options with our soft water system. Carlos was very pleasant to work with and did a fine job. Highly recommend.

- Ellen V.

I was looking for a water softener + water conditioner. Carlos at Rayne took care of me from the minute I walked into their office to sample their water. I had lots of questions and Carlos answered all of them. I had a new construction home and I was hesitant plopping $$$$ on a system that may or may not be reliable. I read lots of reviews all over the internet over all the things that could potentially go wrong if a water softener is not installed properly. I was referred to Rayne because they had a rent OR own option.

- Sunny C.